Compressor VK-1 - VK-1/2 - VK-4

Stainless steel
Compressor is designed as a source of compressed air for tires inflation of passenger vehicles and trucks. . Desired pressure is achieved by pressing + and - buttons on the front panel. It can stand outdoors no roof is needed. Compressor can also be powered by 230 V voltage (VK-1/2).

Compressor  VK-1
Model VK-1 VK-1/2 VK-4
Force out overpressure 600 kPa/6 bar600 kPa/6 bar1000kPa/10 bar
Compressor typeEK 4 EK 2 EK 9
Engine input0,75 kW0,75 kW0,75 kW
Voltage3+PEN 400V230V3+PEN 400V
Size550x550x1000 mm550x550x1000 mm550x550x1000 mm
Weight65 kg65 kg67 kg