In addition to welding, we perform the following partial metal works::

  • Grinding - is the removal of material with a tool with a number of randomly oriented cutting edges.
    • Round grinding - by hand with a classic grinder
    • Grinding with an angle grinder, file, etc. - manualy
  • Pressing with hydraulic press
  • Drilling with a column drill
  • Nut riveting - to create a rigid internal thread using a rivet nut and pliers, from size M10 to M4
  • Surface treatment - powder coating and hot dip galvanizing
  • Laser/laser cutting - provided in cooperation
    • sheet metal cutting
    • 3D laser cutting of profiles

Bespoke metalwork

  • Custom production of single-purpose machines and simple equipment - most often metal machines that provide automation in the production process or speed up the production process: for example, a machine that enables faster transfer of the product between workers, a trolley turner, a glue applicator, etc.
  • Custom metalwork from stainless steel - stainless steel shelves, stainless steel fence, stainless steel workpieces, stainless steel table
  • Railings: balcony railings, aluminium railings, stainless steel railings
  • Production of grilles, metal fencing
  • Production of components for industry including painting and other surface treatments (hot-dip galvanizing)