Cnc milling and turning

CNC milling

  • custom CNC milling
  • cutting of threads on the milling machine
  • drilling and neck flanges
  • cnc flange manufacturing  
  • cnc machining centres with 3rd and 4th axis

We provide custom CNC milling for mass production of metal parts and components for industry. At the same time, we also offer small batch and piece production of milled parts, which is provided by conventional milling within our company.

CNC Milling is the machining of metal parts with a multi-edge tool. This can  be generally described as process where the milling tool rotates and the clamped workpiece moves towards the tool. The main motion (rotary) is performed by the tool and the secondary motion (feed) by the workpiece. 

Usually, it takes place in three axes but multi-axis machining centres work in more than three axes. Milling is divided into climb-cut milling, where the tool rotates in the direction of movement of the table and workpiece, and conventional milling, where the opposite is true.
Specifically for CNC milling, a recent innovation of great benefit has been the so-called adaptive milling, which allows for an optimal combination of material removal, workpiece surface roughness and optimal CNC machine loading.

CNC turning

  • cnc production of inner threads
  • thread cutting on the lathe
  • drilling of the holes
  • cnc flange manufacturing

CNC Turning is chip machining of external or internal rotary surfaces. Generally speaking, the workpiece rotates and the knife moves over its surface. It is usually a turning knife, with the workpiece doing the main motion into the cut and the tool doing the secondary motion. 
The main cutting motion is the rotation of the workpiece. The tool performs the longitudinal feed. Turning can be used for machining external and internal cylindrical surfaces, face alignment, mortising, tapping, thread cutting.
The workpiece must be clamped in the spindle, which gives it rotary motion. The workpiece can be clamped by the inner or outer face.

The maximum turning diameter of our CNC lathes is 330 mm.

In the field of CNC metal turning, we specialize in the large/small scale production of parts for industry, as well as one-off production. Mostly manufactured parts are made of aluminum, stainless and structural steel as well as plastic.


We use software  logo software Gibscamm for programming of our machines.

We have a long tradition of cnc machining.